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Founded by Queenslanders Kate Strong and Claire Harris, Hoedowns For Country Towns was an epic bootscooting road trip around Australia in 2022 with three main goals – to share a love of line dancing, bring rural communities together after a tough few years, and raise money for seven incredible rural charities.

Top 5 stats

  • 46,000km travelled (and no flat tyres)

  • 75 hoedowns across seven states

  • 273 days on the road

  • $38,250 raised for charity

  • Danced with approx 3000 people from all walks of life

Watch our ABC Backroads episode here

Capability Statement

What's in store for 2023 and onwards? Check out our Capability Statement for more info, or head to our FAQ page.

Our capabilities – 2023 onwards 

Existing events/functions (rural and urban)

  • A motivational/informative speech about our trip

  • Line dancing tuition – tuition can be as one whole block, or separate sessions

  • Line dancing demonstrations by Claire and Kate

  • Ability to think on our feet (excuse the pun), and alter plans based on crowd enthusiasm and ability

  • Ability to dance to any genre of music

  • Suitable for all audiences (regardless of industry), all audience sizes, all abilities and all age ranges

  • Willingness to travel basically anywhere, provided travel and accommodation costs are covered

  • Price determined on a case-by-case basis. 20pc of our teaching fee will be donated to charity (any of the seven charities we supported)

Hoedown-hungry rural communities

  • We are no longer on the road and continually organising events in rural communities. However, we have a few ideas floating round of how we can run one-off/sporadic events in the future. If you would be interested in us coming to your town, please contact us and we will add you to our list of interested communities.

  • For any rural communities in South Australia or Queensland interested in organising a hoedown, it may be feasible for one of us to attend and run a hoedown as an unforgettable uno, rather than a dynamic duo (ie Claire in SA, or Kate in Qld).

  • We are willing to be involved in events which are fundraisers for other causes (eg a fundraiser for a local country show committee, or a local school).

  • Price determined on a case-by-case basis, with teaching fees potentially involving donations to charity. 


HFCT is no longer our sole focus in 2023, with us both having many personal and professional commitments which are not Hoedowns-related. While we welcome any queries, please respect the fact that we are unable to accommodate all requests.

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