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01 | When is the trip?

Kicking off from South East Queensland in March 2022,  we intend to drive in a roughly anticlockwise loop around the country, finishing up back in SEQ at the end of November.

02 | How long are you spending in each state?

We have a rough plan for our trip, as follows:

  • Qld: March-April

  • SA: end of April-start of May, and September:

  • NT: May-June

  • WA: June-August

  • Vic: September-October

  • Tas: October

  • NSW: October-November

This may change by a week or two here or there, but we're aiming to stick to this pretty firmly, providing COVID-19 doesn't throw too many spanners in the works! A map of where we're going (roughly) is available on this page. Further details of our route will be provided throughout our trip.

03 | Are you running your own events, or teaching at already established            ones?

Both! We will be organising to teach line dancing in four different forms:

  • as part of the program at already established country events (such as country festivals, shows, local events) 

  • working together with community resilience/engagement officers to run events in their respective towns (where we charge towns a lump sum, and they are then in charge of ticketing, and can collect and keep funds themselves)

  • hiring out halls/clubrooms, charging dancers a per person fee for a class and collecting funds ourselves

  • teaching in barns/sheds on properties, where we can either charge a per person fee for individual dancers, or the property owner can pay us a lump sum to cover our own costs, then attendees dance for free.

We are also able to teach at birthday parties, sport fundraisers and school events, in front of iconic town monuments and destinations, and will strive to be as flexible as possible with catering to individual needs and requests, with pricing able to be adjusted to reflect this. Essentially, we have the potential to be able to dance anywhere, so if you have an event you want us to attend, or want us to come to your town get in touch with us!

04 |     

I am a community resilience/development officer looking to run a HFCT event in my town. How do I go about organising that?

Get in touch with us! If you have a specific date you'd like us to teach in your town (such as around a local show, or sport tournament), let us know the date/s and we will let you know as in advance as possible, if we will be able to make it.

If you are wanting us to come to your town, but are more flexible with dates, we will write your details down and get in touch again roughly two months before arriving in your area, to set a specific date and organise details of an event. 

The TL:DR version: contact us, and between you and us, we'll work out how best to run an event to suit your needs and requests.

05 |     

I am an event organiser/committee member, looking to include HFCT in our program, how do I organise this and what are the costs?

Just like Question 4, the best way is to get in touch with us to determine whether we'll be able to make it to your event, from here, we can sort logistics. Price will be on a case-by-case basis, depending on requirements and requests specific to your event such as requested teaching duration.

06 |     

If I am organising a HFCT event for my town, what do I need to provide?

For us to run an event in your town, all we really need from you is a venue to teach at. Keep in mind we are happy to teach just about anywhere! We are self-sufficient with our own insurance, music licensing, equipment and accommodation.

07 |     

How flexible is HFCT with tailoring an event to my town's requirements?

We strive to be as flexible as possible with tailoring events, we understand each town has a different demographic, different requirements, different events already occurring, different organisations, and different committees. Please let us know exactly what you're after, and we'll do our best to accommodate you. 

Want to host a weeknight event but don't want to clash with the local footy and netball training? We'll sort a night that fits best. Want to run an all-day event and aim to get every man and his dog to turn up? We'll do our best to make it happen. Want us to run a class for kids, and then a separate one for adults? Can do.

You get the picture - we want each event and class to be as successful as possible, so it makes sense to tailor events to make them as good an experience as can be!

08 |     

Where can you/will you be teaching your own classes?

We plan to teach in town halls, sport club rooms, in front of iconic town monuments, on red dirt, in backyards, in pubs, in barns, etc. If you have a venue in the town which would be suitable for a line dance class (so, an open space, a stage or raised area is a bonus but not essential) please get in touch.

09 |     

Who is welcome to come to classes/events where HFCT is teaching? Do you cater for beginners?

Anyone and everyone! Our favourite thing about line dancing is how inclusive it is - whether you're 5 or 95, have been dancing all your life or never before, are city or country, we welcome you all. Our classes are aimed mainly at beginners, but we will throw in a few challenge dances here and there. Don't feel too shy to come along even if you've never danced before! Our main focus is fun, rather than perfection.

The reality is, if you mess up a step or two, the only person who notices and remembers is you. Our classes (whether they be on red dirt with five people, or at a town hall with 100 people) will be fun and relaxed environments, not strict do-or-die regimented happenings.

As the old adage says, dance like no one is watching (or, if you're confident, dance like everyone is watching).

Like anything, line dancing gets easier the more times you do it, but we believe it's easier than other forms of dancing, because:

  • The timing is often quite basic

  • It isn't a partner dance, so you don't have to worry about what anyone else is doing

  • It's repetitive, in that you dance a sequence facing one wall, then turn to the next and do it again. So while you might be a bit rusty on the first few walls, you'll very likely be into the swing of things after you've completed the sequence four or five times

  • It's quite stationary, in the way that many dances, especially beginner ones, actually don't require you to move large distances across the dance floor, with moves instead being mostly on the spot

  • There are people all around you to watch. If you aren't feeling confident, head to the middle of the dance floor, that way whichever way you turn, there will always be someone in front of you.

And if you still don't think you can line dance, have you ever done the Nutbush? If you have, you've line danced - and trust us when we say there are many line dances far easier than that! We will ensure our classes cater for those of all abilities.

10 |     

How difficult is line dancing?

11 |     

How many people will be in your classes?

This will vary, depending on each individual situation and be of course Covid-19 dependent at times too. If we're at an event with a large group of people who are all keen to boot-scoot, we could have a class of one hundred, but we're sure there will be times when we're in a pub with just three or four people who want to give line dancing a go. Obviously, the more the merrier, but if numbers are small, that's okay. Don't be scared to contact us purely because you're worried about numbers being too small. 

12 |     

What do I wear to a line dance class, and do I need to bring anything?

If you're line dancing with us at an event, don't feel like you have to pack an extra 'line dancing' bag, we'll make sure to tailor classes to whatever the dress code and environment is. We promise no heel grinds in the mud, especially if people are wearing stilettos!

If you're turning up to one of our classes, either organised by us or your local community engagement officer or council, just wear something you feel comfortable moving around in. We personally think jeans and boots of some form are the best go to, but runners are fine too.

As to what to bring? A water bottle, a smile, and an enthusiasm to learn a move or two! No line dance experience is necessary.

13 |     

Do I have to have an official role within a council/event organisation, to contact HFCT?

No you don't. Anyone can contact us!


While we are hoping there will be interest in our venture from community resilience officers who can then lead the way in organising an HFCT event in their town, we will also endeavour to organise many of our own events. So if you want us in your town, contact us and we'll see if we can fit you in!

14 |     

Will you teach impromptu? For example, if I run into you at a pub and have a birthday party coming up that weekend, could you make it?

We'll do our best! If our schedule allows us to hang around a town for an extra few days, we would absolutely do so to teach at a birthday shindig or bonfire night. The cost of this will vary, depending on individual requirements.

And if you're interpreting impromptu in its purest sense, still yes... if we've pulled over to whip out the thermos on the side of the road and are dancing at a picnic table waiting for the tea to brew, we will happily teach you a dance or two if you wander on by and are keen to learn!

15 |     

How far ahead can we plan an event with HFCT? 

If you have a specific  event in your town you'd like us to teach at (such as your local show), let us know the date/s and we will let you know as in advance as possible, if we will be able to make it. If you are more flexible with dates, get in touch whenever, we will write your details down and get in touch again roughly two months before arriving in your area, to set a specific date and organise details of an event.

16 |     

How much are classes run by HFCT?

For classes with a per person fee, it will be $10 per person for the class, which will likely be 1-3 hours long. Towns/councils who have paid HFCT to run an event will be in charge of determining ticket prices and organising ticketing themselves, and can collect and keep the funds themselves. For established country events where HFCT is teaching, classes will in most situations be free to all valid event ticket holders.

17 |     

What do the funds go towards?

Our entire venture is not-for-profit, with all funds raised above our own running costs, to be donated to charity. We are supporting seven amazing rural charities across the country, one for each state we are travelling through, with the funds raised in each state being donated to our chosen beneficiary for that state. Details of these charities are available here.

18 |     

How can I support HFCT directly, and what type of support do you need?

First, thank you! The more support we get to contribute to our own running costs, the more funds we can donate to our chosen beneficiaries. Click here to make a donation to us.  Any support, no matter how big or small is much appreciated.

If you are a business or organisation interested in sponsoring us, whether that be through a monetary donation, equipment provision, or product provision which we can potentially auction off at events, get in touch - chances are we're interested too.

HFCT itself is not a registered charity, yet we are a middle man helping to rain money to support  to help the life-changing works of rural charities. If you would like to donate directly to the charities, click here.

19 |     

How can I donate to the charities?

Clicking here will take you to our page with information about the charities, where there are hyperlinks to each charity's website, where online donations can be made. 


All funds raised above running costs in each state will be donated to our chosen beneficiary for that state, rather than overall funds divvied up evenly between the six charities at the conclusion of the trip. 

20 |     

I have some good contacts who I would like to give some more info about HFCT. Do you have a flyer?

If this question applies to you - thank you, you are our line dancing angels! The success of this venture depends almost entirely on being able to get the word out there about us. We have a downloadable flyer here­ - feel free to download and send this to anyone who would be interested.

Keep an eye on the news/blog section of our website, like and follow our social media channels too (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok) to stay up to date, and feel free to share our posts to spread the word that way. The cybersphere can be pretty powerful!

21 |     

How are you getting the word out about your trip, and individual events - is that up to my town, or to you?

Why not both? We've said it a million times and we'll say it again, the success of our trip will depend entirely on how well we can get the word out about our venture. We will be doing a fair bit of publicity, but will welcome external publicity as well, whether that's in your community newspaper, a flyer stuck up on the bakery wall, or shared on your local community Facebook page, if you're willing to spread the word about our venture and individual events, go forth and do so!

22 |     

How can I find out about individual events and classes?

Following us on Facebook and looking at our events page will be the best way to keep track of our upcoming events. Hopefully, local towns and news bulletins will help us to spread the word about events too, so (as always) keep an eye on the What's On section of your local rag!

23 |     

What's the best way to contact you?

Our Contact us page has all our details - you can submit an online query, give us a call, contact us through our social media, or email us. We check all avenues frequently, so completely up to you as to how you'd like to get in touch.

24 |

I am organising a fundraiser for a specific cause. Can you perform at this fundraiser, even though you already have specific charities who you are committed to supporting?

Yes we can. We will still be donating funds raised above our own running costs, to our own chosen charities, but we are happy to perform at a fundraiser for a different cause. Refer to Questions 2, 3, and 4 for more information about how to get us to perform at your event.

25 |

There is already a line dancing group in my town. Will you still visit us?

Yes, absolutely! We know there are many fabulous rural line dancing groups right across Australia, and we are not in any way trying to step on the toes of these other groups (dance pun intended). We would love to work together with existing line dance groups, teaching each other some new dances and preaching to the choir in terms of line dance enthusiasm.

If you run a line dance group, please get in touch - let's work together!

26 |

What's your pandemic plan?

COVID-19 has kept us all guessing for the better part of two years now, and we're under no illusion that we're out of the woods just yet. If we get locked down somewhere or have to cancel an event in the eleventh hour due to restrictions, so be it - there isn't much we can do there. We will abide by all government directives when organising and hosting events.

Want to hear more about why we're embarking on this trip in the middle of a pandemic? Click here.

27 |

How many different line dances are there?

Over 100,000! Generally, a specific line dance is written to fit to a particular song, although in many cases, the dance steps fit to many other songs as well. There are line dance choreographers across Australia and all over the world creating new line dances for varying levels of ability, all the time. A comprehensive database of line dances is available on the CopperKnob website, with instructional step sheets, demo videos, and step by step videos also available on the site.