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The nuts and bolts

Two 20-something country gals, Claire Harris and Kate Strong, hitting the road and driving in excess of 30,000km around Australia from March to November 2022, teaching line dancing to anyone, anywhere and raising money for rural charities along the way. We plan to attend and teach at big country events and festivals, as well as in pubs and halls, and at iconic Australian destinations.

The reason


Those who believe they can turn their dreams into reality, are the ones who do. Travelling Australia line dancing is something we have wanted to do for a few years now, ever since the first day we met and became good friends at a line dancing barn in Toowoomba in mid-2018. With both our jobs requiring frequent rural travel, and with country connections all across Australia, we are all too aware of the importance of bringing rural communities together through ‘not to be missed’ events.


We are hoping to instill a love of line dancing in people right across the country, but not in a regimented way. When teaching, anyone and everyone is invited to give boot-scootin’ a try, with FUN as the number one priority. If people have never danced before, or have two left feet, or have a bit left to be desired in the coordination department, that won’t matter in the slightest. As long as people are together and having fun, that’s all that is important.

The route

Leaving South East Queensland in March 2022, we are driving in a roughly anticlockwise loop around the country, finishing up back in SEQ at the end of November. Our route will be confirmed to the extent that we have a number of rural events we will be attending, COVID-19 permitting. In between these events, we will be visiting towns/communities which reach out to us to run classes. We intend to organise these classes as in advance as possible, while leaving dates spare to teach on request in caravan parks, at birthday parties, schools, sport club fundraisers or anything else that pops up, while also attending any other events that time well with our travels. Note: detours from the map (right) are likely.

We have a rough plan for our trip, as follows:

  • Qld: March-April

  • SA: end of April-start of May, and late August-early September

  • NT: May-June

  • WA: June-August

  • Vic: September-October

  • Tas: October

  • NSW: October-November

This may change by a week or two here or there, but we're aiming to stick to this pretty firmly, providing COVID-19 doesn't throw too many spanners in the works! Further details of our route will be provided throughout our trip.

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