Age: 24

Hails from: Clifton, Qld

Lived until Feb 2022: Yeppoon, Qld

Job until Feb 2022: Agricultural consultant/Youth and Exuberance Officer at Resource Consulting Services 

Boot-scootin' is bliss because: It allows me to express myself while connecting with fellow dancers of all age groups. 

Top 3 line dancing memories to date: 

1. Dancing at Maslin Beach, SA, with Claire and not being able to hear the music over the waves.

2. Starting a line dancing group in the aisle at a very muddy CMC in 2019

3. Starting a line dancing flash mob at Beef Week 2021 in Rockhampton and making random friends on the floor and teaching dancing as the night went on. 

Other interests: Rugby 7s, netball, my Scottish Highland cattle fold, taking any chance I can to find and explore a dirt road.

Proud to be: Known among friends as Country Music Shazam.


Kate Strong

Age: 25

Hails from: Brisbane, Qld

Lived until Feb 2-22: Adelaide, SA

Job until Feb 2022: Agricultural journalist for Stock Journal, SA’s weekly rural newspaper

Boot-scootin' is bliss because: Anyone can do it, it fast becomes a (healthy) addiction, and even the simplest of dances look mighty impressive if everyone is grooving together and enjoying themselves.

Top 3 line dancing memories to date: 

1. Getting a crowd of bootscooting newbies dancing at the 2018 Boulia Camel Races, Qld, it was about 5 degrees but the crowd was as enthusiastic as ever. 

2. Dancing with Kate out the front of the Plant Breeding Institute, Narrabri, NSW, a few days before Christmas 2019, wearing Santa hats and seeing how many vehicle toots we could get in one song.

3. Teaching line dancing at a friend’s 50th birthday… I got through a whole 30 minutes before the inevitable ‘let’s dance to Achy Breaky Heart’ chants started.

Other interests: All sports, Bruce Springsteen concerts, cooking, and long road trips with good music and good company

Proud to be: A diehard West Coast Eagles fan.

Claire Harris