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Week 9 wrap: 15/5/22

The overarching theme of this week as we had a rest week was Kate stressing about the weather when headed home to SEQ... delayed flights, two minutes to spare on connecting flights, then getting flooded in on her family farm in Clifton before detours around flooded areas to get back to Bris for her flight on Sunday morning. It's been a time, but luckily seeing her Highlander cows and eating homemade pumpkin soup and apple crumble courtesy of Barb made it all worth it. Big shout out to Kate's old housemate Lucas for his 400km round trip to get Kate back to Bris airport at the end of her rest week!

Claire was like a kid on Christmas waiting for boyfriend Alex to fly into Alice on Sunday, before the pair hit the road on Monday bound for Uluru. Sunrises, sunsets, camel tours, Field of Lights and a trip to Kings Canyon kept the schedule pretty busy, topped off by a 'hump and jump' burger at Stuarts Well Roadhouse on the way back on Friday. Yes, a double patty of camel and kanga!

This week is in school week for Alice Springs School of the Air, where we'll be teaching the kids how to bootscoot in sessions from Monday to Wednesday, before a Thursday night disco. We'll be channelling our blue light disco vibes from back in the day.

In other news, we are super stoked at the offer from Kader Boot Co to send us both a pair of new boots! We are so grateful for this - boots are the star of the show after all!

Along the same theme, another job this week is going to be seeking some sponsors and donations. If you have a business and want to help us out in any way, please reach out to us (or tag a friend who should), we'd love to work with you. The more moolah donated to us for our running expenses, the more we can then raise for our amazing rural charities.

Yours in boot-scootin',

Kate and Claire

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