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Week 27 wrap: 18/9/22

A campfire and the Brownlow medal count last night is the reason for the lateness of this week’s wrap. Go Cripps!

We both returned to SA early in the week, hitting the road on Tuesday to the South East for our Joanna Hoedown that night. We were stoked when Kim from Hynam (who attended our Joanna event) had learnt one of our favourite demos, Fake ID, for the occasion. She rocked it! We stayed at William McIntosh Motor Lodge on Tuesday night, with Kate chomping at the bit to have brekky at the Highlander Restaurant on site. We were entertained by Willy Mac’s Mario and Alana who gave us brekky on the house, and who asked to see photos of Kate’s own Highlander fold… surprise surprise, she was only too happy to oblige!

Following a freezing cold obligatory border dance into Vic on Wednesday, we headed to Goroke for our hoedown, and experimented with some new songs for some classic dances. Nhill was our destination on Thursday, and we were grateful for Nhill Caravan Park owner Ian for letting us duck into a vacant cabin so we could watch our segment on The Project that night. Big shoutout to Stephanie, a lady who had booked the cabin 5 minutes before our segment aired, but let us stay to watch. Claire attempted to make Stephanie a coffee, but with neither of us being coffee drinkers, we’re under no illusion that it sung ‘barista’. Only so much can go wrong with instant though, right?

On Thursday we hit up the Australian Pinball Museum in Nhill, then geared up for our Ouyen Hoedown at the Roxy Theatre, such a cute little venue, and the energy of the crowd was HIGH. Thanks to the locals who showed up, the lively gang from Mildura Line dancers who drove down, and Jenny and Tracey for putting on quite the spread for dinner… the soup in particular was fab!

Saturday we were off to Wodonga, with Kate’s cousin Claire playing mum to us. To give an insight into who cousin Claire is, her way of filling a very rare lull in conversation was to jump up from the dinner table and saying ‘I’ll make a chocolate pudding, who wants some’. Scrambled eggs with homemade sour dough, cups of tea in bed, and thanks to her working for Nestle, more muesli bars packed into the car than we can count. Fellow Strong cousin Meg was also visiting from Brisbane, and when you get three Strongs together, well, they’re a force to be reckoned with in the best of ways.

Our Koonoomoo event was on Sunday, which required a last-minute venue change – a smooth process thanks to Margaret from Boots n Us and Amanda from Ingenia Holidays. The crowd was enthusiastic, but things really got going when we put the chicken dance on as one of the final songs…

This week, we’re headed to Melbourne for the Kilsyth Hoedown on Wednesday, and will also be teaching at the Horsham Show on Sunday. Before you ask, it’s no coincidence that we’re here in time for the AFL grand final. Fed Square, get ready for Claire in her Eagles gear (even though they were as far from the finals as you could possibly be).

Yours in bootscootin,

Kate and Claire.

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