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Week 25 wrap: 4/9/22

As opposed to long days of driving and early nights, this week everything has been in reverse, with chilled out days then late nights running events. Seven days into that routine, Kate the early bird is feeling hungover and jetlagged, purely from her ideal daily routine being the wrong way round.

On Monday, we filled in for Claire’s old netball team, and Claire made a kale and pea pie for tea which was about as pleasant as it sounds. Sorry to Claire’s old housemates who we’re staying with in Adelaide… it really wasn’t a great meal.

It was a major prado clearance test on Wednesday morning, with Claire scraping in (without actually scraping) to the Adelaide airport 2.2m clearance carpark to pick up boyfriend Alex flying in on R and R. We then headed up to Burra for our hoedown there, with Alex on the motorbike behind gearing up for his first of 3 hoedowns for the week. Other motorbikes met us at the Burra, in the form of Claire’s dad Rick and his friends, the ‘Mild Hogs’, who were on a bike trip to Nullarbor Roadhouse. Thanks to Regional Council of Goyder for helping us organise the event, and for Sharon for giving us Lavender Cottages Airbnb for the night.

Kate got creative and climbed the bonnet to set up the tripod and camera for our dance in front of the Midnight Oil house on Thursday, before we headed to Pindarie Wines in the Barossa to meet Dale and Robbie who were filming a story on our trip for The Project. We downed the most delicious saltbush lamb pies ahead of a few hours of filming. We drove through puddles, danced on haystacks singing Springsteen songs, bootscooted in many different pairs of shoes, and mimicked a camp cuppa setup to the point we actually made a cup of tea. We’ll keep you posted on when the segment goes to air.

Friday was our big event for SA, Scootin in the Cellars, attended by about 90 people. Such a fun crowd, and the night was an enormous success raising funds and awareness for Cottages 4 Country Care. Thanks to charity founder Di, and also Pindarie’s Wendy and Tony for your efforts to organise the night.

The Royal Adelaide Show kicked off on Saturday for the first time since 2019, and we headed along to be the live cross entertainment for Saturday. This involved doing the Nutbush about 7 times in the leadup to ‘nearly being live’. We also met strongman Jordan Biggie Steffens, who was on security there and was ultrasupportive of our trip – a pleasure to meet you!

We held our 40th hoedown of the trip on Sunday night, at Mount Torrens. This coming week, we’re heading to Qld for a week off. Claire’s off to the wedding of her friends Brook and Dave, while Kate is heading to her home farm in Clifton, hoping her family’s puppy arrives while she’s there. If it does, she may be putting a case in to turn this dynamic duo trip into a terrific trio, with puppy on board. Time will tell.

Yours in bootscootin,

Kate and Claire.

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