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Week 18 wrap: 17/7/22

You would think that being on the road, we would have a lot of bakery stops, but Monday morning in Mingenew marked our first trusty pie and choccie milk combo for quite some time, and we loved it. A good start for what ended up being a hectic week ahead.

We drove to Geraldton and met Jo and Kylie from Geraldton Bootscooters, who are version 2.0 of us with their split views on daytime naps and night owl status. Thanks to their tireless efforts, the Monday night Geraldton Hoedown was a huge success. We even taught the wobble dance, one we don’t often bring out unless the crowd are super enthusiastic. Geraldton, you earned it and you rocked it. Thanks to everyone who made our stay in the town so enjoyable, and a big shoutout to Jo for letting us stay in her beautiful home.

Anyone who has ever roadtripped with Claire knows that ‘windmill’ spotto is by far her favourite game, so a 34-6 thrashing by Kate on our way to Perth on Wednesday definitely made Claire want to rip that tally sheet out of our roadtrip games score book.

In the latter part of the week, Claire caught up with family and friends in Perth which involved an impromptu midnight vanilla slice making session, while Kate stayed at her friend Victoria’s vacant unit and was delighted to be in the proximity of a Dyson vacuum, giving our Prado quite the birthday.

Saturday was a day of flying as we headed to Gladstone, Qld, for the Aussie Helpers’ 20th Anniversary Gala Ball, wearing accidentally almost matching midnight blue ballgowns. We had a blast. We knew we’d be doing some bootscooting (or heel-scootin as it turned out) but certainly didn’t expect to be dancing the Evening 3 Step, the jive, salsa, or the 12 Step Maddison – thanks Jodie and Donna for broadening our dance genre horizons!

We were exhausted by the time Sunday morning rolled around, and headed to our new most frequented place, the airport, where Kate relished in an airport nap before we flew to Brissy. This week is a rest week on the east coast as we both catch up with friends and family, and then we’re heading back to the west on Friday night, ready for our south west WA leg!

Yours in bootscootin,

Kate and Claire.

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