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Week 16 wrap: 3/7/22

Hello to all from a very windy Broome! We have a beautiful camping spot next to the beach which lends itself to stereotypical #vanlyf photo opportunities, but the wind keeping us awake all night has been character building to say the least!

After briefly growing reaccustomed to living in a house (which meant watching many predictable chick flicks) we bid farewell to Kununurra on Wednesday morning, and many many corrugations later got into the Bungle Bungles, where Kate was convinced mozzies were trying to bite her eyeballs. We were keen beans on Thursday morning, and had walked 11.5ks by 10:30 in a bid to fit the ENTIRE Bungle Bungles into one day. We were tired by the end of the day and a detergent explosion in the car was the last thing we felt like. Don’t worry, it was not soy sauce explosion level of a few weeks before.

On Friday we headed to Broome. About 12 hours on the road all up, we passed the time playing a modified version of car cricket. Basically, whoever is ‘batting’ earns runs based off the number of fingers held up in greetings by oncoming drivers. One finger raised off the steering wheel is one run, but if you get a whole hand wave, well you’re jumping for joy with five runs on the board! After two hours each, Claire won at 61-56… with Kate immediately reminding Claire that ‘that’s only innings one’ … riveting stuff, stay tuned.

This morning we taught at the Broome Markets. The mango smoothie stall did well out of us, with us having two smoothies each…yum! Tonight, Claire’s at the Broome Deckchair Cinema watching the new Elvis movie, while Kate is catching up with brother Clancy who is conveniently crossing paths in this neck of the woods!

We’re staying coastal this coming week, heading to Port Hedland, then Exmouth, then south to Mellenbye Station Stay for Boot Scoots and Tractor Toots next Saturday with Sam The Travelling Jackaroo. If you’d like to come along, please secure your ticket asap. Our Mingenew event next Sunday night will round out a fairly busy week… and most importantly, many opportunities for Kate to regain the lead in handwaving car cricket.

Yours in boot-scootin,

Kate and Claire.

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