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Week 15 wrap: 26/6/22

Since this time last week, we’ve seen about 30 crocs, entered a new state, realised chutney is very much okay to take across the border into WA, turned down the offer to eat green ants, wore neon wigs, and did a radio interview in the car with hundreds of corellas squawking outside.

One of the most memorable moments though was Saturday night, when we watched Shrek and realised Kate is very much Shrek (strong and fearless) while Claire is Donkey (never stops talking). We’re doing our best to live up to these self-assigned new nicknames.

We kicked the week off exploring Kakadu. While there was a rough plan in place, we generally just turned down roads that looked good. A quick summary – a lot of rock art, beautiful lookouts, mozzies largely unperturbed by Bushmans spray, and Kate seeing a water buffalo, immediately naming it Walter, and questioning if we could fit it in the car. Don’t worry, we remain buffalo-less.

On Wednesday we drove to Katherine, ready for the School of the Air disco – cue neon wigs. After a bit of bootscooting, we were thrilled to see that good music has no expiry, with the kids all singing along to every word of ACDC hits and Angus Young impersonations in plentiful supply.

We headed to Kununurra on Thursday, staying with Claire’s aunty Trish, who had a slow cooked pork shoulder on on our arrival – how lucky are we! We are so grateful for her amazing company and hospitality while we’ve been here… thanks Trish!

Trish also has a letterbox cow we ‘mustered’ to our Friday night hoedown, with the bovine standing beside some hay bales in the venue. Hay and carpet don’t necessarily mix, but it was totally worth it and looked the part. It was a great turnout to the hoedown, and a fabulous way to kick off our WA leg… big thanks Debbie and the Wild Brumby Line Dancers for their wonderful support of the event.

This weekend we’ve seen the sights of the area, visiting Ivanhoe Crossing, the Hoochery brewery, the new ice cream shop in town, and El Questro. This week, we’re headed to the Bungle Bungles and then across to Broome, where we’ll be teaching at Sunday markets from 9:30am.

Yours in boot-scootin’,

Kate and Claire.

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