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Week 14 wrap: 19/6/22

As you read this, we’re in the middle of the wilderness in Kakadu, with no service, stunning waterfalls, and a whole lot of crocs… which hopefully aren’t eating us.

We’ve certainly had our fair share of waterfall hopping in the past few days, exploring Litchfield National Park to kick off the week. Claire felt a little vulnerable in the water, with no glasses on (blind), and about 0.5/2 ear function as a result of the float spa the week before. Even so, it was still very much a sensory overload swimming underneath the waterfall at Florence Falls, absolutely spectacular.

On Tuesday night we were introduced to a card game called Phase 10, thanks to our lovely campsite neighbours Colleen and Will. It’s a little like uno, and so being drawn three wildcards in round one got Kate off to quite the lead.

It’s been a busy week of media, and on Wednesday we headed into the Darwin ABC studio to talk about the mystery of the origins of the Nutbush dance, something we don’t actually know. We instead segued frequently into our experiences of the Nutbush on our travels which seemed to work well (we hope).

Thursday night we became stereotypical Darwin tourists and checked out the Mindil markets, buying laksa and sitting on the beach to watch one of the best sunsets we’ve ever seen. Friday morning was our Today show stint, and on Friday night we debuted our brand new boots from Kader Boot Co at Dancin’ on the Dock of the Bay. We love them! We are yet to check out their glow in the dark capabilities yet, but will keep you posted. Thanks to everyone who came along, and big shout out to Top End Mustangs who were a brilliant support on the night.

On Saturday, Kate went to watch the new Top Gun movie/watch Miles Teller on screen for a few hours. She was enthused enough to walk out saying ‘I want to be a fighter pilot’ – so if this line dancing duo turns into an uno, we know that the call of the jets has been a bit too strong. Saturday night we ran an event at the Humpty Doo Golf Club, which ended in a lot of memorable freestyle dancing. Great night, and a big thank you to Adam and Ruth who we stayed with in Humpty Doo. We became friends with this lovely pair at Uluru as we were all searching the camp kitchen for a light switch. Moral of the story – find light and you’ll find friends!

After a few days in Kakadu this week, we’re heading to Katherine for another School of the Air disco on Wednesday night, before heading into WA on Thursday. With our NT leg nearly over, now is the time to make a donation on our website if you’d like to help us raise as much as possible for Variety, NT before we leave the state.

Yours in boot-scootin’,

Kate and Claire.

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