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Week 6 wrap: 24/4/22

A rest week... ah, we have loved it!

The trip to date has been an absolute blast but definitely overwhelming at times, so a bit of a break every now and then is very much going to be needed through the year!

Kate was back to Rockhampton this week for the Australian ICMJ Northern Conference and Competition where delegates from universities and industry came together to learn about the red meat processing industry. Highlights included karaoke, eating a 900g rump steak, and getting roundabout 150 people line dancing at Great Western.

Claire spent the week in Adelaide, went to trivia, yoga, and was like a kid on Christmas day on Saturday arvo getting to watch her beloved West Coast Eagles at Adelaide Oval.

This week, we're heading north to Marree for the Curdimurka Outback Ball. A city break had been nice, but we're keen for big open outback skies once more!

Yours in boot-scootin'

Kate and Claire.

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