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Week 5 wrap: 17/4/22

This week saw us finish up in the Sunshine State, and head south into the Festival State on Tuesday morning, post Birdsville Races. We were excited to hit the Birdsville Track southbound, albeit a little tired after three nights of dancing the night away at the pub.

We were absolutely spoilt at Mount Lyndhurst Station on Tuesday night, staying with the lovely Litchfield family. After an amazing meal, it was time for ‘line dancing living room sessions’… we were stoked when Adam put on his hat and boots ready to dance Wagon Wheel. Big points for enthusiasm there.

On Wednesday, we headed to the Flinders Ranges, but not before stopping at the

Copley Bush Bakery and Quandong Cafe for a Quandong Pie. We were big fans – highly recommend them! We stayed at Rawnsley Park Station. Station and did a beautiful walk to a lookout for sunset. We are certainly getting our fair share of spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and are keen for that to continue!

We were bound for Yunta on Thursday, ready for the hoedown-themed Yunta Easter Tennis Tournament. With tennis and line dancing being two of Claire’s two favourite things, she was more than a little excited about this! Great tennis was had all-round, which was the perfect warm up for the Saturday night hoedown. ‘My Kinda Girl’ danced to Country Girl by Luke Bryan was probably the most memorable song of the night, although the Wobble also attracted some enthusiasm (and may have got a second run at 1am with those who were extra dedicated).

We also managed to win a karaoke machine as part of the night’s activities, which we’re extremely excited about despite having basically no storage space, and we were delighted to get some shots dancing (very carefully) on the piano – thanks to Mel Lewis for her creative photo ideas!

This week is rest week for Claire in Adelaide, while Kate heads north to Rocky as a committee member for the Intercollegiate Meat Judging Competition. Then it’s back on the road next week, headed north to the Curdimurka Outback Ball.

Yours in boot-scootin’

Kate and Claire.

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