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Week 33 wrap: 30/10/22

Not that we’re into picking favourites, but we definitely met our two favourite dogs of the trip this week… Bernese Mountain Dogs Huxley and Zephyr, belonging to Lakes Entrance Secondary College PE teacher Cassie (who we stayed with on Tuesday night). These dogs were just big baby bears who had paws literally bigger than Claire’s hands, and were the cutest things ever!

Anyway, our week kicked off at Romsey Primary School on Monday morning, where we spent the morning teaching bootscooting to each grade, in sessions. The kids got right into it, flanno shirts were in abundance, and grades 3 and 4 gave us some fun facts about cheese, having spent the session before us learning about it.

We stayed with Claire’s uncle on Monday night, just south east of Melbourne, and Kate then had the delight of waking up at 5:24am the next day to take the car in to get rear brake pads replaced. Time was of the essence seeing as we had to get out to Lakes Entrance that afternoon, and a road closure, google maps being behind the 8 ball, and peak hour traffic was not Kate’s friend! We got to Lakes Entrance in *almost* good time, and spent the night teaching school students, some older existing line dancers, and a few newbies. Shoutout to the school students who attempted to dance most songs with their arms linked to each other!

After bidding goodbye to Cassie and our big bear friends on Wednesday morning, we headed to Wodonga, where we started comparing roads to the digestive system. Bairnsdale to Omeo was a bit large intestine (a few bends), but Omeo to Mitta Mitta was small intestine to the limit (bends, bends, bends). Mitta Mitta to Wodonga – the oesophagus, yay!

We stayed with our Vic mum, Kate’s cousin Claire, in Wodonga on Wednesday night, who true to form packed us up with leftover lasagne and homemade biscuits when we left on Thursday bound for our Corryong event that night. We stopped in with Kate’s uni friend Lizzie on the way at Walwa, and had the delight of entertaining/being entertained by her one year old Patrick for the afternoon

Friday morning we crossed the border into NSW, and taught bootscooting to the kids at St Patrick’s Holbrook. We finished the morning with musical statues and musical bobs… the kids were way more honest about self-appointing ‘I’m out’ than our recollections of how kids birthday parties went down back in the day!

Friday night we stayed with Kate’s old workmate Angus, who now lives in Canberra. We laughed all night, and decided where to go for dinner by taking turns to say ‘left’, ‘right’ or ‘straight’ at each intersection til we found a restaurant. A quick trip to Mt Ainslie together on Saturday morning, then we were Sydney bound, and gearing up for absolute traffic chaos.

Our final event for the week was the Loreto Normanhurst Spring Fair on Sunday, where we did roving demonstrations. This coming week, we’re running events in Young on Thursday, and Junee on Saturday… see you there!

Yours in bootscootin,

Kate and Claire.

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