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Week 32 wrap: 23/10/22

Fun fact incoming – the YMCA has choreographed leg movements too! Here we were at the Triabunna Hoedown on Tuesday spelling out the letters with the arms, when the crowd were marching round the place. We think that’s a Tassie thing, but if it had indeed made it to the mainland, we have missed the memo!

We bid farewell to our new linedancing friend Nicola and her family on Monday, post yummy hot chocolates, laying on the best and softest rug ever, meeting Pickles the leaf insect and performing our go to magic trick. We explored the Tasman Peninsula (and were amazed) and then spent the afternoon wandering around Port Arthur. After Port Arthur, we drove back to the house of our Tassie mum, Rachael Treasure, near Richmond. We had a hearty stew for tea coupled with an absolute mountain of mashed potatoes, dogs everywhere, irresistible popcorn and an education on Parkway Drive thanks to Australian Story that night. Never a dull moment!

Spud mountain was the first of two mountains Kate saw that week, as she ventured into Hobart the next day and headed up Mt Wellington, where it was a balmy -2 degrees with wind chill. Our final Tassie event was in Triabunna that night, well attended and with a crowd of newbies who picked the moves up very quickly! We stayed at the Tandara Motor Inn that night (thanks Dennis for putting us up) and Claire woke up on Wednesday from a dream where Shane Warne had got us on stage at an MCG Keith Urban concert. Dream logic was not at its finest here.

We dropped into Orford Primary School on Wednesday and were delighted to dance with the kids, who asked us many questions about our trip. Many questions started with ‘how much money have you spend on ‘insert expense’. Kate was seconds away from whipping out her spreadsheet! Our arms saw the sun for the first time in forever on Wednesday as we explored the stunning Freycinet Peninsula on a warm sunny day. For our final night in Tassie, we had a lovely dinner with RAW staff members Lauren, Paulette and Leanne where we wrote on the underside of Lauren’s dining table to keep with tradition for all dinner guests to her house.

On Thursday we checked out the Rustic Bakehouse in Cressy after multiple recommendations – it was so good that lunch dessert of donuts and tarts was on the cards. We then headed back to Launceston, Kate dropping Claire at the airport to fly to Brisbane for her friends’ Georgie and Ben’s wedding while Kate headed Devonport to board the Spirit of Tasmania for what ended up being a much rockier journey than our ‘the sea is glass’ trip across to Tassie.

Kate spent the weekend with her friend Jessie in Melbourne, complete with a Fleetwood Mac morning and playing bananagrams, while Claire tried getting said YMCA leg movements happening at the wedding (it didn’t take off). The dance floor was pumping though, the first dance was incredible after months of practice, and a bridal party entrance by John and Emily involved lifts and spins, and a ticket to Dancing With The Stars (well, one can dream).

This week, we have our Lakes Entrance Hoedown on Tuesday, Corryong Hoedown on Thursday, Holbrook Hoedown on Friday and are teaching at the Loreto Normanhurst Spring Fair in Sydney on Sunday. Many kms, and even more steps!

Yours in bootscootin,

Kate and Claire.

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