Week 24 wrap: 28/8/22

For us, doing a load of washing means we need to stay in a place for more than one night, and have good weather and access to a machine. This trifecta had not lined up for us for quite some time as we crossed the Nullabor this week, leading us to arrive in Adelaide on Saturday night with some active wear and our cow onesies as about our only clean clothes. Five loads later, and we’re sorted!

On our Nullabor experience, we learned/confirmed three things. a) a lemon squash can work wonders for Kate’s energy levels, b) it’s a windy place, therefore lunch needs to be made inside the car on top of the fridge, and c) the sign at the beginning of the 90 mile straight is the perfect place for one of our bumper stickers. We made it to Streaky Bay on Tuesday night, and enjoyed fish and chips on the beach with a very pesky gull which was apparently called Stephen according to nearby campers. Someone really needed to tell Stephen that attempting to steal food out of hands isn’t the best way to make friends.

Wednesday was a little more cruisy, as we ambled our way to Kimba for our first of 8 SA events. Wednesday also marked the onslaught of various anecdotes from Claire about her time as a rural journo in SA. This continued on for our manic tour of the entire eastern EP on Thursday, and, let’s be real, will probably continue right across SA. Kate’s bracing.

We spent Thursday night in Arno Bay, with Peterborough then our final destination on Friday. Our event was in the grand (and massive) town hall there, and we got frequently puffed by having to run around such a large area. So worth it though, a stunning venue!

On Saturday we caught up with friends Tommy and Bryce, who we had met at the Curdimurka Outback Ball earlier in the year. We were spoilt with farm tours of their respective properties, which involved forest facts, silo art stops, incredible lookouts and the Foo Fighters and Nirvana making up the majority of the soundtrack. We then headed to Adelaide – cue washing machine madness – and got ourselves organised for our Sunday afternoon Strathalbyn event. We were stoked with the turnout. Thanks to everyone who came along, including half of Claire’s old workplace!

This week, we’ve got events in Burra on Wednesday night, our big SA event Scootin’ in the Cellars at Pindarie Wines on Friday night, and our Adelaide Hills Hoedown on Sunday. See you there!

Yours in bootscootin,

Kate and Claire.

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