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Mid year wrap: 4/7/23

One year ago today, the pair of us were camping in a picturesque but incredibly windy Broome, in weather described in Claire’s diary as ‘cyclonic/psychotic’ … yes, she is well aware it was neither. Fast forward to now, and Claire is still complaining about the weather, although now in cold Adelaide, while Kate is enjoying having a printer and laminator back in her life at work, affectionately named Penny the Printer and Lenny the Laminator. No surprises here that Kate feels happiest when nestled deep in the aisles of Officeworks.

So, what’s been happening Hoedowns-wise in the past 3 months? Some things never change… true to form, Sony is still sporadically taking some of our videos off Facebook, a good 12 months on. We were also recently quizzed on radio about the origins of the Nutbush (after the passing of Tina Turner), and took the approach of change-the-topic-because-we-have-no-idea … great radio guests, aren’t we? We have also just about finished going through our diaries in preparation for book writing, and are frequently amused with the thoughts which took up the pages:

Claire’s favourite: ‘Kate woke up with a migraine, there wasn’t much I could do so I left her with staminade powder, water, and a doona over her head’

Kate’s favourite: ‘It was an unsuccessful lap downtown to find a watch battery for Claire, so now I’m stuck listening to her say it’s 20 to 12 every time she looks at her watch’ …

Dance-wise, Kate has been teaching dancing regularly at the Great Western Hotel in Rockhampton and also had the delight of catching up with many line dancers through Qld at a recent line dance social. Claire is gearing up to get the crowd bootscooting at Innovation Generation in Adelaide in a fortnight, alongside #PlantASeedForSafety founder Alex Thomas. Anyone from Rabobank who will be at the conference… we know you know the moves…

Our next joint bootscoot will be at SomethingQ in Brisbane on August 28, although if you count on-screen dancing, that's one week beforehand - our ABC Backroads episode will air on Monday August 21! Grab the popcorn, or, if you want to be authentic to our trip, cook up a spag bol.

Yours in bootscootin,

Kate and Claire.

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