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Week 34 wrap: 6/11/22

When you wait for a spag bol for 5 months, you’re pretty excited. This was the situation we found ourselves in on Sunday night, staying with Kate’s friend Leigh in Wagga. In our spag bol phase of the trip back in June/July, Leigh ‘booked Kate in’ for a spag bol when we reached her neck of the woods, and the night finally arrived. Kate very much rose to the challenge and remains the spag bol queen.

While that was the grand finale for the week, things started off pretty well too, with Claire’s Alex and Kate’s Gav both coming to Sydney to hang out for a few days… yes, this required a ‘Sydney with bois’ event on our google calendar. Visits to Manly, the Botanic Gardens, Circular Quay and the Opera House didn’t have us being the most original tourists in the world, but hey, those attractions are cliches for a reason! In amongst the touristing, some rest, and navigating Sydney traffic while succumbing to toll bills left right and centre, we enjoyed our stint on The Morning Show on Monday, and then teaching at the Mosman Seniors Centre that afternoon.

We hit the road to Young on Thursday for our Hoedown there that night, both spent way too much money at Country and Western store The Tack House the following day, and even did a bit of line dancing with Shannon from the shop – she had Boot Scootin’ Boogie sorted!

On Saturday night, we ran our Junee Hoedown. Being at the Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory, we made sure to stock up on copious amounts of sweets before our event and had the best hot choccies ever. With 3.5 weeks of the trip to go, we’re probably sorted for road snacks… sorry to Claire’s mum Cindy who would definitely prefer trail mixes as our go-to snack choice. Sweets aside, the event was outstanding, with about 40 people turning up made up of local line dancers from Bandits Line Dancing, newbies who’d never line danced before and line dancing royalty Josh Talbot. An enthused dancer by the name of John turned up with his pink cowboy hat, and we quickly named him Hype Man due to his inspirational comments on the dance floor such as ‘focus’ and ‘be aggressive’.

In terms of collections, Junee line dancer Lorraine (who we stayed with) surely puts everyone else to shame, and we were absolutely in awe of her collection of 3500 barbies in her shed. Wow! We headed off from Junee to Wagga on Sunday morning, caught up with some friends for lunch, and then lo and behold, it was spag bol time.

This week, we’re hanging around Wagga for a few days, then off to Hay on Friday for our event there that night. Well and truly on the home stretch now!

Yours in bootscootin,

Kate and Claire.

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