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Week 3 wrap: 3/4/22

What do you do when you’re enjoying the warm weather? Stay on the exact same latitude all week long.

After a big night of dancing on Monday night, we bid farewell to our beautiful Emerald friends on Tuesday and headed to Ramboda Station in Anarkie, where Anne and Jimmy Hatte spoilt us by letting us have a cabin each for the night. We had had a delightful dinner with three generations of Hattes, which included Nutbush lessons, acrobatics challenges, magic tricks, wheelbarrow races and talent quests… never a dull moment.

Wednesday saw us head west once more, arriving at the iconic Wellshot Hotel in time to take part in the darts comp, where Claire magically did at least half okay, coming in fourth mainly out of sheer luck.

We then went in for a ‘double shot’ hoedown on Thursday and Friday nights. Thursday night was our Ilfracombe event in the lovely outdoor beer garden at the pub, where we taught ‘Pick A Bale’ for the first time. A prominent memory from our Friday class in Longreach was the ‘Wobble’ dance, with the Longreach group very much giving the dance their all.

Saturday morning was ‘Easter in the Park’ in Longreach, where we taught the Nutbush to lots of kids before Kate’s dream came true of meeting cartoon characters Bluey and Bingo, who had come to town. Kate lined up for her meet and greet loud and proud… surrounded by 10 year olds.

That wasn’t the only meet and greet of the day, with the annual RSL meet and greet conveniently on in Longreach that night. We found out last minute that the theme was neon, and after quick trips to Prices Plus and Vinnies and helpful glowstick placement direction from our Longreach friend Liz, we were ready to go – photo below. Not too many people got into the theme, although that meant we won the *self-assigned* award of Best Dressed.

This week, we head south to Windorah, and then onto Birdsville for the races – and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re hoping to get some line dancing happening at both places.

Yours in boot-scootin’,

Kate and Claire.

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