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Week 29 wrap: 2/10/22

There’s a first for everything, and this is the first (and last) wrap to be written while on water. Yep, we’ve just arrived in Devonport, and no, we didn’t get seasick, and yes, Kate did a little bit of ‘receptionist sleeptalking’ in our bunk room. ‘Aha, yep, okay, etc’. It’s a theme that’s getting a lot of subconscious airtime at the moment.

After an admin day in Horsham on Monday, we enjoyed a meal with Horsham Show coordinator Andrea and husband Shane, with Shane’s spag bol giving even Kate’s recipe a run for its money. We were ready to conquer The Grampians on Tuesday on our way to Hamilton, but five degrees, rain and fog were not necessarily conducive to sightseeing. Tuesday night was our Hamilton Hoedown. We even gave the Nutbush ‘plank’ version a go, where, as the name suggests, you assume plank pose and step out horizontal nutbush moves from there. Stacey from HDC Fitness was pro, while we were very, very not.

On Wednesday, we headed to the Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay as the destination. With many stops to various bays and lookouts along the way, our pick of them was The Grotto. We just had to imitate the carload of people who got photos before us. Each person seemingly had to get individual shots facing every angle. People Watching at its finest! We continued along the Great Ocean Road on Thursday and back to Melbourne. Our token on the road lunch of ham and salad wraps was in a carpark at Ocean Grove, so we immediately proceeded to call ourselves Bill and Ben the flowerpot men. Funny? We think so.

The Gippsland Gumboot Scoot, our biggest Vic event, was on Friday, at the Stony Creek Racing Club. Massive thanks to Tish and Jess for helping to organise it down to every last detail, including setting up 200 metres of airy lights before we even got there. Thanks to everyone who turned out and supported us.

For anyone who has been following our journey since the start, you may remember us mentioning a group of wonderful people we met in Birdsville in April. Nine friends from Melbourne who’d crossed the Simpson desert to be there for the races, the gang quickly adopted us as two extra daughters. We had the delight of catching up with this group across the weekend while in Melbourne. Never a dull moment with these guys. Stealing cooking implements, listening to Mongolian throat music, conversations about oily ears, and dominating at a jigsaw puzzle together (lead by Kate), this is a group we will be friends with for life.

This week, it’s Tassie time! Check out our events page, and don’t forget to grab your ticket for Mutton Muster and Blues Buster for next Saturday if you haven’t already.

Yours in bootscootin,

Kate and Claire.

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