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Week 26 wrap: 11/9/22

It was a week off this week, as we headed home to Qld on Tuesday following our hoedown at the Royal Adelaide Show on Monday (and our maiden dagwood dogs!). If we aren’t the favourite customers of Aussie airlines, who knows what it would take, because we’re boarding jets left right and centre at the moment it seems! To date, neither of us grapevined down the aisle, but there’s still time.

This week did involve an aisle though, and a fairly significant one at that, with Claire’s friends Brook and Dave getting married on Saturday just outside Toowoomba. With Claire’s nails were painted and hair and makeup done better than she herself could have ever achieved in her wildest dreams, she was honoured to be a part of the special day, which did involve the wedding party giving Footloose a go with such style. A talent Claire definitely doesn’t have, as discovered on Friday, is that she is not cut out for making flower bouquets, while boyfriend Alex is. His talent with flowers didn’t stop there, with him channelling his inner Brandon Flowers to bust out Mr Brightside into the mic at the wedding reception, before becoming chief dog whisperer at the post wedding cleanup on Sunday. Summer, Arnold and Indie were at his beck and call!

For Kate, the week was filled with mud, long grass and good food, as she spent a week on her family farm at Clifton. She was undoubtedly most excited to see her Highlander cattle fold – including newest additionnamed Grumps – giving many scratches to the spoilt bovines. In the days that followed, Kate became her dad Clive’s extra set of hands, moving cattle, heading to the vet, and fixing troughs. Special mention goes to Lucy the lawnmower, Kate’s new best friend, who she spent three hours with on Saturday attempting to knock a very long lawn into shape for spring. Her week finished with a paddock of cows and a sunset – Kate’s heaven right there (assuming Lucy was also invited to the party).

This week, we’re both flying back to Adelaide, ready for our final SA event in Joanna on Tuesday night, before kicking off in Vic immediately, at Goroke on Wednesday night. We’re then headed to Ouyen on Friday night, and Koonoomoo on Sunday. For all details of our Vic events (and Tas events, very very soon), head to our events page.

Yours in bootscootin,

Kate and Claire.

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