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Week 22 wrap: 14/8/22

We lived on the edge on Monday night this week, tandem riding from Tanker Jetty at Esperance back to the Caravan Park, at a manic top speed of 16km/hr. After 2.6ks of equal parts terror and laughter, we can see why they are built for solo travellers.

On Tuesday we drove to Bruce Rock, wearing out the windscreen wiper lever thanks to on off rain for 500ks. We drove into town expecting to teach bootscooting at our event that night, but are quite certain the line dancing talent at Bruce Rock far surpasses ours… the dancers there were terrific and we’re expecting to see your names in lights in years to come!

We parted ways on Wednesday after driving to Perth airport at dawn, a lovely drive looking over frosted paddocks. Claire flew to Adelaide stoked to see boyfriend Alex for the first time in two months. The pair headed to the Fleurieu Peninsula, and Claire was ecstatic when she spotted 4 whales swimming very close to the beach. This comes after a month heading down the west coast, with Claire frequently saying ‘Kate, can’t you just organise for me to see a whale’. So, Alex 1, Kate 0.

On Friday, Claire headed to Brissy for her friend Brook’s hens party, an incredibly fun weekend which featured a little line dancing – namely the Wobble and Footloose – and a fun discussion about how to pronounce Celtic (soft or loud C sound?)

Kate's week was spent in Perth making sure everything was in top condition before we start heading east at the end of this week. She managed to time the weather perfectly for a great day on Rottnest Island on Friday, hiring a push bike, cycling all over the island and most importantly taking some obligatory quokka selfies.

The weather turned into ‘classic August weather’ on Saturday, giving Kate a day to catch up on some reading – with 5 new books thanks to a fabulous second-hand book store, she has plenty to keep her busy when not dancing!

This week Claire heads west again, ready for our final week in WA. We’re looking forward to our Mandurah event on Wednesday night, and then the Coolgardie Rodeo ad Ute Muster on the weekend – we’re teaching 10am to 12pm on Sunday.

Yours in bootscootin,

Kate and Claire.

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