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Week 21 wrap: 7/8/22

The week began with a big moral dilemma for Kate, who had to wrestle her extreme love of cows against her deep-seated hatred of August (for those asking, it’s due to the weather). Monday was August 1st and got off to a ripper start thanks to a visit to Cowaramup, near Busselton, better known as ‘Cow Town’. The visit took a lot of Kate’s money thanks to cow souvenirs galore – the car is now loaded with cow-themed earrings, onesies, socks, chocolates, postcards and stickers. The weather deteriorated as we headed south to Karridale, with howling winds, horizontal rain and the power going out being ‘true to form’ August, according to Kate.

On Tuesday we drove from Karridale to Bridgetown and dropped into Kader Boot Co, the home of our beautiful glow in the dark boots generously donated by founder Kara. The boots do indeed glow, we tested them in the pitch black of the store room and were mighty impressed. For anyone needing a new pair of boots, look no further than this wonderful Aussie-owned company.

Next stop was Jardee, just south of Manjimup, where we stayed with Andrea and Steve and had an absolute blast. This stay gave Kate a chance to get her inner pyrotechnic on, taking great delight in keeping the house fires alight through days with maximum temps of 11 degrees. Claire was far too engrossed in Steve’s fantasy football league comp to be any help at all. Yes, this league has trophies and shirts and handwritten stats books going back through the decades, and was an incredible trip highlight for Claire.

Thursday night was our Pemberton event, where we were impressed with the crowd learning a trickier dance, ‘Texas Time’, which we usually do as a demo only. We backed up Pemberton with our Ravensthorpe Hoedown on Friday night, an event well-attended by all ages and home to the best grazing platter we’ve ever seen thanks to the CRC. Thanks to Sue and Colin for letting us stay with you after the event.

Across the weekend, we’ve explored Fitzgerald River National Park near Hopetoun (on Sue’s recommendation/strict instruction) and have now come across to Esperance for a look, accompanied by the So Fresh hits from 2003-2010 blaring out the car stereo. We spent most of Sunday looking around Cape Le Grand National Park, and both agreed Frenchman’s Peak was the best lookout of the trip to date.

This week, we’re heading to Bruce Rock for a Tuesday night Hoedown, then to Perth, for Claire to fly east for her friend Brook’s hens weekend. Kate is going to spend some time enjoying the sights of Perth, including a potential trip to Rottnest Island providing that darn August weather doesn’t halt ferry proceedings.

Yours in bootscootin,

Kate and Claire.

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