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Week 20 wrap: 31/7/22

Having been on the road for more than four months now, we’re very much of the opinion that as long as the physiological needs on the bottom level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are met (ie sustenance and shelter), we’re happy chappies. These bare minimal requirements have been blown out of the water this week as we’ve house hopped around south west WA. Yummy bacon and egg brekkies, flannelette sheets to keep us warm and snug, heatpacks in beds and Kenny Rogers and Kris Kristofferson singalongs – we have been absolutely spoilt by everyone we have stayed with this week. Thank you to all our hosts for your amazing generosity.

We spent the first bit of the week with the Garners in Wyalkatchem, who after three days were very used to the phrase ‘Kate’s emotional support waterbottle’. Yes, it is literally a waterbottle and Kate feels generally better about life when she’s carrying it around. We chatted farming, one hit wonders, karate, the pros and cons of list writing and the Kokoda trek, and enjoyed a lovely bonfire together on Monday night.

Midweek, we took a stunning drive through many canola crops to York, staying with Les and Jan in preparation for the hoedown in their barn on Thursday night. We planned to poke our head into the barn on the Wednesday afternoon to have a look, then were delighted to get completely carried away by Jan teaching us about 10 new dances. The York event was a great success, and a big thank you to Les and Jan for gathering 19 raffle prizes for the night – wow!

There were some fierce Dockers Eagles rivalries happening at York, with Claire then continuing her defiant one-eyed Eagles stance by heading to the Freo Melbourne footy game in Perth on Friday night decked out in Eagles gear. Only one person yelled out ‘are you lost?’

On Saturday, we headed down to Bunbury to stay with Claire’s second cousin Anthony whose self-deprecating humour is second to none. We caught up with a fair few more of Claire’s family members across the weekend, with Kate fast becoming an honorary Harris family member herself. Give her a month or so and she’ll have the family tree downpat!

We finished the week with a hoedown just out of Busselton on Sunday night, and were stoked at the number of beginners in attendance. This week, we’re exploring the southwest which will include hoedowns at Pemberton and Ravensthorpe on Thursday and Friday night, respectively. Please come along if you can!

Yours in bootscootin,

Kate and Claire.

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