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Week 10 wrap: 22/5/22

This was our first (and potentially last) week staying in one place for the entire seven days, but in the time we’ve stayed in the sharehouse of Kate’s cousin’s friend’s boyfriend (not quite 7 degrees of separation), we climbed the ranks from ‘couch surfers’ to ‘housemates’ … the caramel tart and vanilla slice we made may have something to do with it! Thanks Cam, Veronica, Annie and Hayden for letting us use your house as a base all week while we got stuck into event organisation.

We’ve had a blast teaching the Alice Springs School of the Air kids to dance this week, with all the students in town for in-school week (which happens once a term). We taught the Nutbush, Macarena, Pick A Bale and Steps and were incredibly impressed with the enthusiasm from all grades. Photos and vids coming soon.

Our involvement didn’t stop at line dancing though, and we were guest judges for the ‘Masterchef challenge’, where students in grades 7-9 were split into two teams, one team cooking an Asian menu on Tuesday night and the other a Mexican menu on Wednesday. Three courses, table service, roses on arrival, and a choccie mousse we can apparently make using our limited camp cooking gear … we were well and truly spoilt!

Thursday night was disco night, where we attempted to keep up with the ‘Just Dance’ game on the big screen, and then Friday was Sports Day. With the houses being blue, red and yellow, Claire wore all three colours, and Kate wore green for neutrality. We led the school in a grapevine/lunge/butt kick ‘fun run’ across the oval – a sight to see!

Other memorable moments this week included Kate’s disgust at Claire’s method of getting butter out of the tub (knife to the bottom rather than even layers), and Claire’s watch stopping and therefore having to stay on 11:40 until we get to Darwin (sad).

We’re off the grid early this week as we head through the West MacDonnell Ranges to Kings Canyon, where we’ll be teaching on Wednesday night. Then off to Uluru!

A reminder for anyone who wants to nominate us for the Sunbites Good Fuel Co grant, link is . Nomination details on Facebook.

Yours in boot-scootin, Kate and Claire

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