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Week 1 wrap: 20/3/22

We’ve officially been on the road for 7 days, and what a week it’s been.

Already, we’ve both had to use the glovebox first aid kit, we’ve set the car alarm off at 11pm (sorry fellow caravan park guests in Bundy), and managed to reverse out of a low clearance underground carpark to save a near decapitation of our rooftop camper.

These times can be thought of as lowlights, or funny stories, or quite possibly both. However we class them, there have also been incredible highlights too. We had fantastic nights running classes in Moore Park (north of Bundaberg) and at the Great Western Hotel in Rockhampton, and were delighted to join existing boot-scooters on the floor at classes with the Childers Country Line Dancers, and Juswannadans Line Dancers. Friday night saw a great crowd of dancers at the Stanwell Hall, where we got through nearly 70 dances in four hours. And just for something different, on Thursday night we filled in for Kate’s old netball team in Rocky – before you ask, yes, we swapped our boots for runners.

The media interest we are receiving about our venture has been exceptional, and we’re grateful for Triple M Bundaberg, ABC Wide Bay, Generation Ag and ABC Capricornia for wanting to hear more about our trip. We must say, doing the Nutbush while our feet were being filmed with a big expensive camera was a surreal experience, and we are delighted to have got through it without a stray boot kicking the camera in!

We’ve met so many people in the last seven days, and lots we won’t forget in a hurry. We have loved hearing stories of beginners wanting to give line dancing a go for the first time, and chatting to you all during classes and events. The support so far has been incredible, donations aplenty which we are SO GRATEFUL for – especially considering the price of fuel (great time for a roadtrip).

This week, we head inland to Emerald, where we’ll be hosting a four hour even at the Emerald Town Hall on Saturday night, March 26. From there, we’re heading further inland to Ilfracombe and Longreach… stay tuned for more info there in the coming days.

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