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We are Live

It's been a long time coming, but our website and social media pages are all up and running, as we officially release Hoedowns For Country Towns into the world.

Are we excited? Yes. Are we a little scared? Yes. Were we on video chat to each other when we clicked 'publish site'? Absolutely we were.

Please give us a like on our Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok pages, and tell your friends, your family, your work colleagues, your hairdresser, your vet, your pin-up poster of Kip Moore... you get the picture. Let's be real, boot-scootin' across Australia for rural charities is a less stereotypical conversation starter than 'how's the weather'.

Any support or publicity we can get for our venture is much appreciated - the ripple effect can be so monumental.

Most of our updates will be on our socials, but we'll be sure to keep this News tab looking fresh with any major announcements. So if you want a TLDR version of our progress, this page might be the best spot for you to look.

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