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2022 - The Year of the Line Dancer

Well, it's official, 2022 is here! Year of the Line Dancer, if you ask either of us. After months of talking about 'next year's line dance trip', we can finally say we're hitting the road this year - a scary thought considering there is a lot of prep to do, but an overarching feeling of EXCITEMENT is certainly dominating our thoughts.

We know that we can't dot the I's and cross the T's with everything, but we do have something set in stone, which we're pretty excited to share - our launch event.

It gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling to say that we're officially launching Hoedowns For Country Towns at the beautiful Aberfeldy Farm and Barn, Westbrook, just a grapevine or two from Toowoomba. As well as the barn being one of the most beautiful places either of us have ever been to, it's the place where we both learnt to line dance, and the place where we first decided about four years ago that we'd one day travel Aus boot-scooting.

The barn is run by the one and only Cass Daniells, head groover at Toowoomba Line Dancing Fun and Fitness, our inspiration and the epitome of the descriptor 'go-getter'. We can't speak highly enough of her.

So, if you're around Toowoomba on March 5, or in any way shape or form can get there, please come along. All are welcome, whether you're 5 or 95, and experience on the dance floor is certainly not a prerequisite - beginners are welcome!

$80 ticket price includes dinner, line dances of varying levels of difficulty taught through the night (although sitting down is certainly allowed) as well as some line dance demos and an entry into the lucky door prize raffle. Fantastic prizes will also be up for grabs, with a money board also available for entry on the night. Licensed event, with alcohol available for purchase from the bar.

Tickets for Hoedowns for Country Towns launch party available here:

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